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Industry chiller applications


Industrial chiller application areas: 
Laser technology, welding 
Plastic molding, injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming 
Mechanical cutting, non-cutting machining, casting 
Surface treatment, electroplating, electrophoresis 
Medical equipment, electronics, circuit board manufacturing, electronics manufacturing microarrays 
Chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, food processing industry 
Aluminum, aluminum, glass, coated glass production 
Ultrasonic cleansing, jewelry processing 
Leather, fur processing, ink production 
Laser Technology 
Laser laser (laser) system generating source, the beam controller and cabinet may require additional cooling. 
Of cold water temperature requirements are usually between 15 ... 22 ℃, the accuracy requirements of the cold water is typically ± 1 ℃... ± 2 ℃. Some devices may require ± 0.5℃.
Also part of the equipment for cold water conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. have certain requirements. 
Laser systems are usually at the start of the water temperature has certain requirements, so you need to increase the electrical heating water loop. 
In the section of the beam control system will require a separate cooling circuit. 
Laser systems for special applications, industrial chillers can be specially designed to meet the different requirements. 
Electrodes, welding furnace and cutter etc. need to be cooled. 
Such as large and medium-sized welding electrode tip cooling; gold and silver jewelry processing furnace cooling, etc. 
Usually small to medium-sized chillers. 
Require external circulation pump system or a closed tank systems. 
Many cutting machine tools (machining centers, lathes, milling, drilling, etc.) requires a tool or spindle rotation speed to generate heat in the cutting process also generates a lot of heat. In these devices usually requires cooling machine parts such as spindle, cutting fluids, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, cabinet and so on. 
Such as EDM machines, polishing machines, grinding machines. 
When using the chiller water system Disguise blocked some iron, necessary for the installation of these filters. 
Require external circulation pump system or a closed tank systems.