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Compact air cooled chiller

Categories                                                 Air cooled industrial chiller 

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Brand                                                          LD

Model                                                          LSF-40D

Refrigerant                                                 R22,R134a,R407c,or others

Input power                                                137.60KW

Color                                                           Gray,or others

Type                                                            Air-cooled

Dimension(L*W*H)                                     3400*1250*2250mm

Weight                                                        1900Kg

Origin                                                          Zhejiang,China

Port                                                             Ningbo

Payment                                                     T/T in advance

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Features of LD Chillers

1, Using international top brands hermetic scroll compressor, with international brands refrigeration valve member;

2, The standard of high-quality stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pumps and stainless steel tanks;

3, The configuration of the outer rotor winds of axial fans, quiet and efficient;

4, The international brand, "Schneider" appliances, imported programmable controller and LCD touch screen. English man-machine interface;

5, Multiple protection devices to ensure stable operation of the unit throughout the year;

6, A wide range of chilled water temperature to meet the needs of different users;

7, The use of propylene glycol as a coolant even lower than the freezing point of water temperatures as low as -25 ℃.

8, Optional environmentally friendly R407 or R135 refrigeration.

Inner Structure

Outer Shape

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