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How to choose a suitable industail


  There are many open plastic products factory, or need industrial chillers use the machine cycle oil cooling circulating water and friends, at the time of purchase industrial industrial chillers, and often do not know what type of industrial chillers in order to achieve their demands the cooling effect, or did not know what kind of machine is more suited to their production workshop.

  First, we have to figure out industrial chillers [1] which is divided into several types: general manufacturers will produce water-cooled and air-cooled two. 
Air-cooled industrial chiller, in which the body contains a holding tank and pump inside, plus cooling towers no longer to heat. Install and very easy to move, but it requires a higher working environment, first of all, because it is hot air circulation to refrigeration, so, if you install ventilation plant is not good, it will directly affect the industrial chillers cooling effect. Alternatively, if you want to have a free workshop on industrial chillers and humidity requirements in the case, then I advise you modified water-cooled, because air-cooled industrial chiller, water vapor ejected in top to heat 
, Can be divided into open, closed (some called a box) and screw. First to declare, water-cooled industrial chillers, cooling towers and have another installation of pumps to extract water cooling. the cooling effect in order to achieve good efficiency. 
Open industrial chillers, but also other install a water tank, sealed do not have to, because he built a water tank itself. Open normally be installed somewhere in the shop, but convenient for him to overhaul, but because beauty is not enough, so produces a sealed water-cooled industrial chiller, because it is a cabinet structure, it is more popular, but if you ask for very large cooling capacity, then we would choose industrial screw chiller, and this we usually call it industrial chillers, 
Most of the manufacturers, if you ask for industrial chillers compressor reaches more than 100HP, they will advise you of industrial chillers with screw.